Leading the NSYSU Dragon Boat Team with Fruitful Rewards.

Dragon boats are an important part of Taiwanese culture. Dragon boats are sleek and narrow, and are adorned with the head of the dragon at the bow and the tail of a dragon at the stern.  The boats used for the annual dragon boat races can fit twelve people, ten of whom paddle. Every year races are organized in which teams from across Taiwan can challenge each other in a competition testing their skill, power, and endurance. Some of the competitions even welcome teams from other countries.

April 21st and 22nd saw the first dragon boat event of the year at Lotus Lake in Kaohsiung’s Zuoying district. This event served as a warm-up for the much larger dragon boat festival competition which is organized in June each year.  It was a great opportunity for both local and international students to experience and participate in this event. The weather was ideal with clear skies and warm temperatures throughout the weekend.

The event was divided between two different types of competition.  The first competition was a tug of war. This competition requires just small place on the lake, where two boats are connected at their sterns by a rope.  Ropes also connect each bow to a point on the shore from which one team member could help the team by pulling.  The first team to pull the opposing team over the center line is declared the winner.  The tug of war matches took place on Saturday, and NSYSU won two trophies: first place in the university mixed boat category, and third place in the public mixed boat category.

The actual races took place on Sunday.  Every team came prepared and hungry for competition.  Hard work and discipline brought success to NSYSU’s team.  The team won second place in the university mixed boat category and third place in the university public race category.

The first dragon boat weekend of 2018 was a great success.  The NSYSU team had plenty of reason to celebrate after bringing home four trophies, and the events were enjoyed by all who participated and attended.  The entire team is looking forward to the big dragon boat festival in June where they will again proudly represent NSYSU and fight to win big.

Text and Photos provided by Jirika Libal

Ibmba Nsysu