International Program Spring Beach Events

On May 12th the NSYSU International MBA Programs hosted an awesome party. The Cijin Beach Party was held at the beautiful Cijin Sunset Bar, and in the afternoon attendees could take part in some fun-in-the-sun activities like beach volleyball, soccer, and frisbee. After the sun went down, party-goers enjoyed music and dancing. Hundreds of people showed up to the party, having fun and making new friends together. 

The main organizers were second-year GHRM MBA students Ryan Fernandez and Graham Dart from the U.S., who have been living in Taiwan for over 10 years. Olga Sakhatskaya, another GHRM MBA second-year student from Belarus, also assisted in organizing the event and was responsible for the beach activities. 

NSYSU GHRM MBA and IBMBA students also participated in the event on the beach that day, running a Facebook check-in activity that encouraged people to find out more about the International Programs at NSYSU. International students like Kevin Ly (Nottingham Trent University Dual Degree student) from France, Jan-Philipp (Nottingham Trent University Dual Degree student) from German, GHRM MBA first-year students Saisuri Wongsrikun from Thailand, and Victor Su from Indonesia were helping out at the beach, promoting the International MBA Programs.

(Text by Jammie Huang)

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