Costs & Fees

Domestic Students

Tuition fees : 4,000 NTD / per credit

Maintenance fee : 11,370 NTD / per semester

International Students

For the 1st and 2nd Year

Tuition: 63,560 NTD / per semester

(including Maintenance Fee & Credit Fee)
Additional Fees: Insurance Fee

For the 3rd Year (Including the Costs and Fees for the 1st and 2nd Year)

1.  Taking 10 or more credits per semester:

  • Tuition: 54,140 NTD / per semester

          (including Miscellaneous Fee & Credit Fee)

  • Others: Taiwan Health Insurance Fee

2.   Taking less than 10 credits per semester:

  • Tuition: 22,740 NTD / per semester

         (including Miscellaneous Fee)

  • Credit Fee: 4,000 / per credit

  • Others: Taiwan Health Insurance Fee

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