Exchange Programs

The IBMBA Program students are encouraged to participate in exchange programs. Domestic students must study abroad for a minimum of one semester and receive 6 to 9 waivable credits from approved international universities based on IBMBA Program Graduation Regulation .

IBMBA students may be eligible to apply for the International Exchange Program. Credits earned from exchange studies can be transferred and counted towards the graduation requirements. Domestic students should follow regulations for exchange programs.

The College of Management at NSYSU has many international partner schools all over the world, which is why in addition to dual-degree program, there are several different exchange opportunities that are available for our IBMBA students to participate in through the Office of International Affairs, . For more details on semester and year-long exchange programs offered, please refer to the Office of International Affairs (OIA) website.

The IBMBA Program also offers dual-degree programs for students interested in receiving two (dual) degrees upon graduation.