The International Lounge: Nothing beats a sumptuous meal while making memories!

May 30th, 2019 from 12:00-14:00, the International Programs Student Association held the ‘’International Lounge’’ activity. The main objective of the event is to introduce the election candidates for the next students association. It is an important event every semester, since Students Association (S.A.) is an indispensable organization which helps the College of Management of NSYSU to promote the International Programs, GHRM MBA and IBMBA. Only the right and aggressive teams can be competent for the positions. Holding this activity make the students in the international programs know more about the candidates and realize which team is the most appropriated for the position.

At the beginning of the event, the current president of the S.A., Remco Peters, summarized to the participants the whole events the association have conducted for the spring semester. It included 5 SA-organized, 5 events assisted for the College of Management and 2 events in collaboration with other organizations, in total of 12 events.

After Remco Peters’s speech, the new S.A. candidates, Zhanna Samodurova from Russia, Lo Chiang from Taiwan and Trang Vu introduced themselves to the students, and also mentioned about what kinds of events they will hold in the following semester to make the program better.

This event has been an avenue to gather the current students of International Programs, dual degree students and exchange students (about 40 participants) to know each other more before the semester ends. Since there are many Taiwanese students who will be going to different countries for the exchange program, as part of their graduation requirements. Also through this event, different students were able to have connection with the exchange students from other countries to know more about the different culture and environment, and get some tips or information of staying abroad. Some exchange students even said that they will recommend their friends to come and study in the International Programs of NSYSU in the future!

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