Field Trip to AgriGaia

“Without food there’s no culture. Without culture there’s no life”

On 17th of May 2019 students of NSYSU together with exchange students joined field trip to AgriGaia company. Field trip was a part of the Sustainability of Global Enterprise and Business Ethics and Social Responsibility course held by Dr. Ryan Brading.

AgriGaia is a company that implements green technologies for making its products – vegetables. During the field trip, students visited AgriGaia’s plant in Kaohsiung’s Qishan district. Company’s director – Ms. Vanessa welcomed students and introduced them to special green house that is automatized and tailored to the weather in Taiwan. Design of the green house helps maintaining right temperature and protects plants from different weather conditions or insects.

AgriGaia besides producing many different kinds of organic and non-organic plants also helps local farmers to learn about different ways of plants cultivation. The company also offers possibilities for foreign workers from Philippines by educating them with valuable skills and knowledge that they can implement back in the home country. Workshops, where the kids are learning about plants are also available.

During the visit students had the chance to work with the plants using their own hands. Salvia – the plant that students were harvesting has a high value and its used as medicine or beauty product.

Students finished the visit by QnA and taking pictures together with director. Field Trip to AgriGaia was a valuable experience. Students were able to see how local company works on its sustainability and social responsibility.

Ibmba Nsysu