Midterm Celebration: Picnic and Laser Tag

April 30, 2019 - After a tough midterm week, the Student Association held an event to pay off students’ hard work. The event was divided into two parts. The first part was a picnic where students gave feedback about their courses while having good food, which was from noon till 2 PM. The second part was an intense laser tag battle, which was from 6 PM till 9 PM.

The SA provided pizza, chips, and drinks for the students of our International Programs during lunch time. The picnic was held around the statue at the courtyard, wherein around 40 people were present. Some of professors, who were available (Thijs, Tan, and Kim), also joined and supported the event. The most important part of the picnic was not only students and professors connecting and socializing, but also getting feedback from the participants which they filled in on sheets provided by the SA. The feedback sheet was including both positive and negative feedback of the courses, the International program office, and the SA. SA got about 40 feedback sheets during the event and also got numerous of useful information for making the International Program better. For example, some students mentioned that specific courses were interesting and that the professors cared about their students. However, other students suggested that the professors can adjust the tempo in class. The feedback provided by the students was really useful and insightful, which will make significant improvement to our International Programs.

Later that day, around 6pm, the SA organized a laser tag competition in which 30 students participated. The students were separated into 6 teams and during the next three hours they could compete with two different teams. The main purpose of the SA to hold the laser tag competition was to increase the mutual relationship between students even further and to make them feel part of the International Programs. Most of the students do not have the same courses or no courses together at all. The SA members felt it as their responsibility to make students feel part of the International Programs.

The events had an internal and external effect on our International Programs. The internal effect is based on the continuously improving the professors, office, students, and SA. The external effect is creating visibility of our Programs by putting the banners of the International Programs at the event venues on campus and at Dream Mall. This will definitely catch the eyes of students passing by, especially seeing a mix of students who are from all over the world which will take our Programs to a more international level. The international level is what Taiwanese students need now. The SA members feel that more activities should be held to improve and promote our International Programs.

Ibmba Nsysu