IBMBA says hello to our old friends! Annual College of Management Alumni Party

March 9, 2019 – The College of Management hosted its annual Alumni Party at Grad Hi-Lai Banquet. 


A number of alumni have graced the event including our very own alumni from the International Programs. Apart from our former students, the current professors of the college were also present in this lovely night. The professors who represented our programs were Dr. Young Jin Ko and Dr. Jewon Kim from Korea, Dr. Francois Bouchetoux from France, and Dr. Ryan Brading from England. Also present were Cindy Lin, International Programs Manager and Dr. Jack Hsu, former director of the International Programs, who is now the acting director of EMBA.

Spotted with their smiles, the alumni had their reunion, enjoying a sumptuous meal and entertaining programs. Speaking of entertainment, IBMBA student Jason Angle serenaded the crowd with his incredible voice accompanied by his guitar and harmonica at the same time. GHRM student Olga Sakhatskaya amazed the crowd by performing a Sahara Desert-inspired dance with her exotic Egyptian look. Towards the end of the program, Francis Bloom, who is also an alumnus of IBMBA was able to wow the crowd with his voice and guitar.


It was truly a night of fun, entertainment, and stories. Who wouldn’t enjoy good food and good company? This is primarily the reason why the alumni party is one of the most anticipated events by many. It brings back so many memories and fills joy in the hearts of people. 

Ibmba Nsysu