Learning Practical Business Strategy from an Industry Expert

Guest Visitor: Dr. Johnny Hsueh

On November 26th, Kao Yuan University’s marketing and distribution management professor Dr. Johnny Hsueh visited IBMBA’s business strategy course to give a lecture about brand marketing. The presentation kicked off with several real-life examples that students see on a daily basis, such as cars and fast food brands. Dr. Hsueh furthered explained that marketing takes time, budget, and resources, and that a brand’s attitude is the key success to a long-term goal. He encouraged the students to never give up on creativity and that each idea has the potential to foster into relevant marketing.

The presentation mainly focused on three concrete principles: marketing must be concise, continued, and consistent. Dr. Hsueh believed these three elements will lead to a stronger brand image and will retain customer loyalty. He also stressed that a big misconception that people have of marketing is to blow up the brand and live off its prestige; the main key is rather cultivate the small details and stick to the core.

To wrap up the session, Dr. Hsueh asked the class to discuss the marketing and brand strategy of the newly elected Kaohsiung mayo, Guo You Han’s campaign. The class piqued in saying his unique baldness and water bottle marketing campaign left a positive impression on the people. Several students even asked about other popular brands’ campaign to see why certain brands fail while others thrived. Overall the presentation was informative and engaging; IBMBA’s program director even sat in and pitched some of his ideas to the discussion. Business Strategy’s home lecturer, Professor Ko, rounded the presentation back to the class lecture, solidifying the students’ understanding of marketing campaign and strategy.

Text provided by Sandy Chen

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