Graduation Notice for spring 2018

Important Notice for Master’s Thesis Oral Defense for spring 2018

If you plan to have your oral defense and graduate this semester (spring 2018), you are suggested to register online and complete the application procedures from 2018-02-05 ~2018-07-24 . For this semester, the oral defense shall take place before July 24th, 2018.

Steps to Apply for Oral Defense:

1. Getting Approval:

Confirm with your adviser whether s/he agrees that you can defend your thesis this semester. If approval is granted, your adviser should provide you with information of your committee members (including their names, title, affiliated dept./institution, etc.). You will need the information for online registration.

2. Online Registration:

Complete the online registration and print out the form, obtain your adviser's signature on it, and bring the form with your transcript (listing all courses already taken in NSYSU) and your course selection record this semester to the Program Office (R4051).

For online registration, you will need:

(1) Thesis title (both English and Chinese)

(2) Information of committee member for your oral defense

*Because the application website is only in Mandarin, if you're an int'l student, please come to the Office with the above-mentioned information and the IBMBA Office will help you.

3. Present the TURNITIN report to your adviser:

After your online registration is approved by IBMBA Office, you will receive an email to access TURNITIN to run an Originality Report of your thesis. This Report will show the percentage of similarities between known sources in TURNITIN database and your thesis. Please be advised to aim for a percentage between 5% and 20%. Before the oral defense, you would need to show the report to you advisers (via emails or hand it in in person). He/she will then decide whether you meet the requirements.

ID: 17741069

Enrollment Key: 4506

For manual and detailed information:

4. Logistics Arrangement:

Email your date/venue of defense at least 10 days (week day) before the defense to IB Office, and note in your email if you need us to book a defense room for you. An 'Oral Defense Kit' containing various sheets, including 1) approval sheet, 2) grading sheets and 3) expense sheets 4) questionnaire for committee members, will be prepared by the Office. Please come to the Office and pick up the Kit before at least one day prior to your defense. All documents must be signed by your defense committee members.

5. 3 Days before your oral defense:

Confirm with the Office to see when you can pick up the documents for oral defense.

6. Post defense:

1) Bring all the signed documents back to the Office right after your defense completed for ensuing procedures.

2) Revise your thesis and upload your final revision on TURNITIN (if there is) to run the Report. You need to show your new Report and final revision of your thesis to your adviser before graduation.

Please note: If for whatever reason your defense is no longer taking place, PLEASE DO inform the Office for cancellation. Failure to cancel it will result in a 'failed record' on your part and it'll be shown on your transcript; two failed records will lead to disqualification of your student status.

Post-Defense Procedures

 Step 1: Revise your thesis

During the oral defense, you got feedback from your committee members. Please revise your thesis accordingly and submit it to your adviser for a final review. Once your adviser gives you a green light, you are ready to proceed. Please double check with your adviser.

Sign up at Turnitin webpage:

Have your thesis checked for a final time.

*Check instructions on school library page (English version is at the page bottom):

Step 2: Check thesis format, insert the validation letter (Attached file 1) and convert it into PDF

Please check attached Cover format and Content format before converting it into a PDF file for deposit. 

Don't forget to insert the validation letter into your thesis.

-Convert WORD file into PDF.

*You can also see attached file for the introduction of the thesis submission.

Step 3: Thesis deposit

Deposit your PDF thesis into the library system: 

Log in with Student ID / password

While you are uploading your thesis, please choose NOT to publish your thesis and an authorization form (論文授權書) will be given by the system.

Print the authorization form out and signed your name and then email me the form. This form be put into the hard copies of your final thesis and we need 3 copies. I will help you get the signatures from Prof. William.

1-3 days after the deposit, the library will send you emails to confirm whether your thesis form is OK or not.

If not, the email will specify what you need to adjust. Once your thesis is confirmed by the library, please forward us the email the library sent you and your thesis is ready to print.

Step 4: Fill out questionnaires

(1) The two Questionnaires for school:  (English Version:

Log in with Student ID / Password

(2) AACSB questionnaire:  

Log in with Your Account: YYYYMMDDNN(Two letters of your name-capital)

Step 5: Please fill out the declaration form. You can simply fill out the English version since the two versions are the same.


Please download the detailed files by clicking the link:

Hope this information helps! Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the thesis submission and graduation procedure. Thanks! 

Ibmba Nsysu